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I am lucky enough to know and work with an amazing tribe of specialists and healers in this area. To promote a more holistic approach to healing, here are some I recommend to help make sure you always have the most appropriate care when you need it:

nutritonworks of colorado, nutrition, health coaching

Nutrition Works of Colorado offers personalized functional nutrition programs, health coaching, endurance coaching, and fitness training. 720.556.3113

Massage Therapy: We consider massage therapy a necessary compliment to care.

Ashley Bennett (Registered Massage Therapist...at NutritionWorks)  Ashley specializes in anatomically based massage with a mixture of structural, trigger point and injury healing / prevention as her approach. 303.709.6639

Sabine Grossmann (Registered Massage Therapist) - Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage, Passive Fascial Restoration (PFR). 619.347.9535


In addition, I am always happy to recommend other care providers if need be. 

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