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Welcome to Schwabe Chiropractic! My hope is that this website is helpful in showing you more about chiropractic care and my approach. In today’s world, I believe we need to be proactive and to be our own advocates in our health and wellness. I hope to facilitate your healing, educate you along the way, and give you some tools to use on your own. My goal is to help you reach yours!

People seek chiropractic care for many reasons and some people respond better to certain types of treatments. That’s why I have a variety of treatment approaches depending on you. At Schwabe Chiropractic, we work together to create a unique plan of action to meet your specific needs whether that be training for a triathlon, getting out to play with your kids, or simply staying as healthy as possible. 

I sometimes find that those new to chiropractic aren’t always sure what to expect or have had many different experiences with Chiropractors. My patients have shared that they always feel safe, comfortable, and heard:

             “I’ve always read and known about the amazing benefits of chiropractic work, but was intimidated to go in. My good friend told me about Dr. Schwabe and I decided to take the leap! I was immediately comforted the second I stepped into Dr. Schwabe’s office and felt safe and comfortable the entire time. I haven’t stopped seeing her since! From helping me heal from my car accident to adjusting me for everyday life, Dr. Schwabe has been a beneficial part of my healing process. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Here’s how I work…

On your first visit, we’ll spend some time talking to go over your needs, expectations, and lifestyle. Then we’ll do a full examination to look at posture and mobility as well as your muscles, joints, spine, and nervous system. From there, we will work together to create a specific plan to help you heal and reach your goals. Your plan is fluid. Each follow up visit may be different and depends on how your body responds to treatment and where you’re at that day. Not to worry, you’ll be treated on your first visit!

Check out this site for more information about my background  and work. You can always contact me if you have questions or book an appointment by clicking request appointment.

Be Well!

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