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We are a women-owned business that offers services to meet all of your chiropractic needs. Originally founded in 2013, our dedication to our patients was recognized in 2015, when we were selected as the Patient's Choice Award Chiropractor in Denver, CO. We are proud to offer a one-stop space for our patients to take advantage of a fully rounded health and wellness experience, thanks to our collaboration with our friends at The Point Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine and Healing Roots Medicine

Our practice operates under a series of core values which include integrity, accountability, empathy, optimism, and knowledge. Our mission is to guide individuals in healing with a holistic and intuitive point of view so they may live optimal lives and continue to pursue their passions. 

In addition to this mission and values, we exhibit our patient-centric approach through our unique values:

Time – We ensure that our patients receive more hands-on, dedicated time with the doctor than at an average chiropractor 

Personal – Each person's unique needs are met with targeted treatment

Integrate – We combine our intuitive approach with our scientific knowledge to benefit the patients' overall wellbeing

We truly believe that seeking the care of a chiropractor is beneficial for all ages and stages of a patient's life. We specialize in children and women's care, including pregnant and postpartum women, as well as sports-related treatment and injury care. Dr. Schwabe and Dr. Weinandt are certified in prenatal care and Dr. Schwabe is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

A chiropractor treats much more than just the spine, we actually treat any joint in the body, including ankles, knees, wrists, and hands. We are also able to perform soft tissue treatments for conditions like tennis elbow, ankle sprains and strains, and tight muscles. 

We utilize a wide variety of therapy techniques for our patients, including traditional adjustments, myofascial release, Kinesiology taping, cupping, therapeutic exercises, custom foot orthotics, flexion distraction technique, cryotherapy, electrical stimulation therapies, the Graston technique, and spinal decompression.

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I sometimes find that those new to chiropractic aren’t always sure what to expect or have had many different experiences with Chiropractors. My patients have shared that they always feel safe, comfortable, and heard:

             “I’ve always read and known about the amazing benefits of chiropractic work, but was intimidated to go in. My good friend told me about Dr. Schwabe and I decided to take the leap! I was immediately comforted the second I stepped into Dr. Schwabe’s office and felt safe and comfortable the entire time. I haven’t stopped seeing her since! From helping me heal from my car accident to adjusting me for everyday life, Dr. Schwabe has been a beneficial part of my healing process. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Here’s how WE work…

On your first visit, we’ll spend some time talking to go over your needs, expectations, and lifestyle. Then we’ll do a full examination to look at posture and mobility as well as your muscles, joints, spine, and nervous system. From there, we will work together to create a specific plan to help you heal and reach your goals. Your plan is fluid. Each follow up visit may be different and depends on how your body responds to treatment and where you’re at that day. Not to worry, you’ll be treated on your first visit!

Check out this site for more information about my background  and work. You can always contact me if you have questions or book an appointment by clicking request appointment.

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